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PET Bottle Balers machine

Designed for efficient recycling of cans, PET bottles, oil tanks, and more.

Key Features:

  • Automatic chain bale ejector for quick bale removal
  • Safety ram stops when feeding gate opens
  • Independent emergency stop for safe operation
  • Euro and U.S. standard anti-rebound gate for operator safety
  • Special ram guide prevents uneven compaction
  • Japanese NOK seals for extended seal lifespan
  • Japanese AMC leakproof pipe fittings
  • Direct-cross motor-pump connection for 100% concentricity and longer pump life

Our PET Bottle Balers boost recycling efficiency while reducing labor costs. Compact waste materials for easier processing and transportation. Contribute to sustainability through reducing waste and promoting resource recirculation.


Feed Opening Size(L*H)800*500mm1000*500mm1100*500mm1200*500mm
Baling Chamber Height1500mm1500mm1500mm1700mm
Bale Size (L*W*H, H is adjustable)800*600*(200-1000)mm1000*600*(300-1000)mm1100*700*(300-1000)mm1200*800*(300-1200)mm
Bale Weight30-120kgs60-180kgs90-270kgs200-380kgs
Machine Weight1400kgs1700kgs1900kgs2500kgs
Machine Overall Dimension1280*850*3300mm1480*1000*3400mm1600*1100*3500mm1700*1200*3900mm

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