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The record-breaking NPE2024 plastics exhibition concluded in Orlando, with attendance surpassing 50,000 people

Key Highlights:

Over 50,000 registrants attended NPE2024, solidifying its status as a globally renowned plastics event.
This year’s exhibition saw new faces, with 63% of attendees being first-time participants at NPE.
30% of attendees were under the age of 40, showing high enthusiasm for innovation, sustainability, and the future of the plastics industry.

Record-breaking NPE2024: The plastics exhibition in Orlando officially concluded, with attendance surpassing 50,000 people.

The event concluded a week-long activity with an impressive number of participants, reaffirming its position as America’s premier plastics industry event. Over 50,000 registrants signed up to attend.

This year saw 63% of attendees participating in NPE for the first time. NPE2024 created one of the youngest audiences in history, with 30% under the age of 40. This signifies strong interest in innovation, sustainability, and the future direction of the plastics industry.

NPE2024’s global influence has reestablished its reputation as an international gathering place for America’s plastic industry.

With over 15,000 international registrants making this edition the most internationalized NPE ever. Representatives from 133 countries (accounting for 68.2% worldwide) registered to attend—a rise by 9.9% compared to 2018—showcasing global industrial innovations and thought exchanges while further promoting international cooperation and solution development. Events like FLiP & Sip Reception attracted more than a thousand attendees while nearly six hundred people attended women’s breakfast meetings highlighting strong international impact.

“It is inspiring to witness our entire plastic community reunite at NPE2024,” said PLASTICS President and CEO Matt Seaholm.“We are thrilled to welcome familiar faces along with new visitors from around world plus next-generation professionals looking forward seeing all innovative collaborations brought forth by every participant proudly stating it’s an unmissable significant occasion.”

The next exhibition will be held May3-7th ,2027,in Orlando Florida stay tuned!

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