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Paper and Carton Baler Machine

This baler is specially designed to handle recycling tasks of waste cardboards, cartons and newspapers. It features a wide feed opening door to accommodate large pieces of recycling materials, making it an efficient tool for waste management and recycling initiatives.

Key Features:

  • Automatic chain bundler, used for quickly and easily ejecting bundles from the machine
  • When the pressure plate rises, the wide feed door automatically opens upwards
  • When the feed door is open, the pull rod stops moving downwards to ensure operational safety
  • Equipped with an independent emergency stop device to guarantee safe operation
  • Equipped with a rebound door structure that meets European and American standards to ensure operational safety
  • Special pull rod guide design prevents the pressure plate from tilting due to uneven material input during compression
  • Equipped with NOK seals from Japan, extending seal life
  • Equipped with A.M.C. oil pipe joints from Japan, ensuring the machine is free from oil leakage issues
  • Equipped with stack valves from Taiwan, requiring less installation space
  • Special combination of motor and pump directly cross-connected ensures 100% concentricity, replacing common coupling connections and thus extending pump life


Feed Opening Size (L*H)1100*500mm1200*500mm1500*500mm1800*550mm
Baling Chamber Height1400mm1500mm1500mm1600mm
Bale Size(L*W*H, H is adjustable)1100*700*(500-900)mm1200*800*(600-1000)mm1500*760mm*(600-1000)mm1800*1000*(350-1050)mm
Bale Weight150-250kgs200-400kgs300-500kgs250-700kgs
Machine Weight1900kgs2200kgs2800kgs3500kgs
Machine Overall Dimension1500*1050*2900mm1600*1150*3000mm2000*1150*3100mm2260*1350*3520mm

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