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Walmart Canada Launches Pilot Program to Recycle Reusable Shopping Bags

Giving Reusable Bags a Second Life

In a move towards greater sustainability, Walmart Canada has partnered with TerraCycle to launch a national pilot program that enables Canadians to recycle their excess or damaged Walmart reusable blue shopping bags. This first-of-its-kind initiative provides a convenient solution for shoppers to ensure their used bags are either repurposed or recycled, rather than ending up in landfills.

Through the free recycling program, Canadians can collect their Walmart-branded reusable bags and mail them to TerraCycle. The collected bags will then be either laundered and donated to charity partners, including Food Banks Canada, or recycled into raw materials used to manufacture new products, such as plastic shipping pallets and outdoor furniture.

Encouraging a “Fresh Start” for Sustainable Shopping

Walmart Canada recognizes that the transition away from single-use plastic bags has been a learning curve for Canadians, and the company is committed to supporting its customers throughout this change. To mark this initiative, the retailer is designating April 22, 2024, as a “Fresh Start Day of Action,” encouraging Canadians to package up their reusable blue bags and mail them to TerraCycle for recycling or donation.

“We know that transitioning away from single-use plastic bags two years ago has been a learning curve for Canadians – and we’re proud to be learning alongside them as we make this change together,” said Jennifer Barbazza, Senior Manager of Sustainability at Walmart Canada. “Today, we’re proud to offer Canadians an opportunity for a ‘fresh start’ by launching our national reusable bag recycling pilot program.”

Simplifying the Recycling Process

Participating in the free recycling program is straightforward for Canadians. Shoppers can collect their extra reusable blue Walmart bags, sign up for the program, and then package up a minimum of five bags (up to a maximum package size of 18x18x18 inches) using the pre-paid label provided by TerraCycle. Once packaged, the bags can be dropped off at any UPS location for collection and processing.

This convenient and accessible recycling solution aims to encourage Canadians to adopt more sustainable shopping habits, while also ensuring that their used reusable bags are given a new lease on life through repurposing or recycling.

Driving Towards a Greener Future

Walmart Canada’s partnership with TerraCycle to launch this reusable bag recycling pilot program demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and its willingness to collaborate with industry partners to find innovative solutions for waste management.

As more Canadians embrace reusable shopping bags, the need for responsible disposal options becomes increasingly important. By providing this free recycling program, Walmart Canada is taking a proactive step towards reducing the environmental impact of its operations and empowering its customers to participate in the transition towards a more sustainable future.

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